The 2002 Casino & Gaming Market Research Handbook


The 2002 Casino & Gaming Market Research Handbook is recognized as “the most comprehensive resource for gaming business market data available from any source.” The handbook contains original market research ideas specifically aimed at providing you with the early-identification of trends that will guide market growth within a five-year timeframe. (This report was formerly published by Richard K. Miller & Associates, Inc., written by Terri C. W alker.)


The handbook is designed to be a “strategic business planning resource” for executives in all segments of the casino and gaming business. There are numerous ways this handbook will benefit your company from market development strategies to competitor analysis from consumer trends to providing independent market data to support your business plan. This is an easy and inexpensive way to fill any gaps in your company’s market research. And, we believe you will find it to be enjoyable reading!


The handbook provides current market statistics; trends; analysis of impacts; ideas and case studies to guide strategic planning and development of new market opportunities; profiles of leading gaming corporations; forecasts and views on how the Dominoqq market will evolve within a five-year timeframe. The report is designed to provide an expanded understanding of gaming markets. An analysis is provided, including current and expected market opportunities, for the major industry sectors. Statewide market data is presented, along with discussions relating to activities and opportunities in each of the 50 states. The report provides a profile analysis of over 90 key players, and a future market outlook.


The report will present data to support the strategic business plan of your organization, ideas to expand current business activities, and background to plan for the future as the U.S. gaming market continues to evolve.