It’s tough being Urawa Reds. The “biggest club in Asia” tag is a difficult one to live down, even if the Saitama giants haven’t come close to winning a trophy for years.


The Reds burst onto the Asian football scene by winning the J. League under the swashbuckling auspices of German coach Guido Buchwald in 2006, before his more circumspect successor Holger Osieck steered the Saitama giants to Asian Champions League glory the following year.


But no sooner had Urawa begun to dominate the J. League than their world fell apart, as the popular Saitama side spectacularly disintegrated in the 2007 title race, prompting the dismissal of coach Osieck just two games into the 2008 season. Two more Togel Singapore German coaches followed, but neither Gert Engels nor Volker Finke could steer Urawa to the silverware they so desperately craved.


Enter Zeljko Petrovic. The Montenegrin coach enjoyed a peripatetic playing career, turning out for the likes of Dinamo Zagreb, Sevilla and PSV Eindhoven in a 16-year career spent largely in the Netherlands. Petrovic ended his playing days at small Dutch outfit RKC Waalwijk – the club he coached in the Dutch second division in 2007-08 – but crucially he also enjoyed a three-year spell in Japan with Urawa Reds.


Petrovic’s time in Japan coincided with Urawa’s relegation to the second tier of the J. League and the charismatic coach knows all about the Reds’ storied history. Urawa packed out every game of their compact Komaba Stadium home in the second division and crowds have continued to grow since their move to the futuristic Saitama Stadium.


Saitama Stadium

Indeed, a crowd of 42,767 fans turned out at Saitama Stadium on April 24 to see Urawa hammer defending champions Nagoya Grampus 3-0, in a match …



*Shinji Kagawa hit a brace and Keisuke Honda added another as Japan downed South Korea 3-0 in Sapporo. Players wore black armbands in honour of former Japanese international Naoki Matsuda, who died a week ago, and observed a minute’s silence.


*Tottenham’s home match with Everton on Saturday has been postponed as the clean-up continues following the riots in London. The north Togel Singapore London area was the epicentre of the violence which spread to other English cities and forced an emergency debate today in the House of Commons.


*Cesc Fabregas’ move to Barcelona looks set to be finalised by the weekend. Arsenal are also negotiating to transfer Samir Nasri to Manchester City, leaving the Gunners three weeks to replace their best two players before the transfer deadline.


*Jack Warner ally Lisle Austin has been banned from football for a year by FIFA. The CONCACAF official was involved in the crazy in-fighting in May after Chuck Blazer shopped Warner and Mohamed Bin-Hammam for bribery. Austin ‘fired’ Blazer without authority, leaving CONCACAF to issue a press statement contradicting its acting president, who was subsequently dismissed. When Austin went to the Bahamian court to get his job back, FIFA isolated him.


*The FIFA U-20 World Cup in Colombia has reached the quarter-final stage. Cameroon, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, England, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia and South Korea fell by the wayside in the second round.


QF lineup: Brazil v Spain, Mexico v Colombia, France v Nigeria, Portugal v Argentina


*Jurgen Klinsmann’s first game in charge of the USA ended in a 1-1 draw with Mexico in front of 30,000 in Philadelphia, World Champions Spain lost 2-1 to Italy in Bari and Germany beat Brazil 3-2 in Stuttgart.


Football falls victim to London riots


The violence …



Is this the most inconvenient World Cup for fans in recent memory? Without a doubt. After a week of travelling to games here in South Africa I would go as far as saying you are better off staying at home and watching on a big screen.


I feel like most of my time here has been spent in traffic crawling to and from games with tens of thousands of others who are afraid to use the skeletal public transport options or in the case of Rustenburg, have no choice but to hire a car.


Parking is a confusing toss-up between park and rides far away which can demand tickets without any being obviously on sale, or on-street hawkers ushering you to their ‘secure’ spot where they promise to watch your car for a fee. The Togel Singapore gritty neighbourhood around Ellis Park in Johannesburg for instance is one you would not want to walk around alone, and is buzzing with unofficial car-parkers who try to direct you off the road and give you no confidence.


Having followed signs for a park and ride there we were stuck in traffic on a tight commercial street without a white face in sight, which made us feel so uncomfortable we did a u-turn and found a verge instead. The arrangements for Soccer City in Joburg, capacity 90,000, entail a huge trek or a marathon wait for shuttle buses for those arriving by car.


There just is not an underground or adequate train network here like there has been at the previous three World Cups, and add to that inadequate highway space e.g. one lane in and out of Rustenburg and voila – a transport nightmare.


Add to all that the deafening din of vuvuzelas, blasting out …





If you want to learn how to bet on one of the easiest sports you can possibly bet on (out of the 4 major sports), then basketball is made for you. The teams that are favored or expected to win are called the favored teams, and the ones who are expected to lose are called the underdogs. This expectation is based on the history of the teams together with their odds. The team that will be expected to win will lay points to the underdogs for betting purposes. For example, if the Knicks were playing against Celtics, most of the gamblers, bettors would rather bet on the Celtics (to win the game).


Basketball betting is very similar to football because it uses the point spread for wagering bets on both teams, as well as the over/under numbers. If you already know how to bet on football, you pretty much know how to bet on basketball, too. One of the most common methods that gamblers like to use while betting on basketball involves the point spread, which is kind of a handicap that bookies impose on one side (team) that will make both sides equal when it comes to betting.


You might be asking yourself, how does this work? It is quite natural that when the two teams meet on their court, one is always going to be better Togel Singapore than the other. If all that gamblers (bettors) had to do was to simply pick one team that is the winning team, every one of them would just wager their bet on the team with the best odds, and collect their money.


The example we can use is from the Super Bowl 50 when the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers played against each …



O.K., I Did It!!Alex Rodriguez was supposed to be the savior. He was the player that fans were looking to take them out of the steroid era. He was going to break the records of all the steroid using players and restore the sanctity of the national past time.


The Casino Affiliate Programs, better known as CAP, had been online casino affiliates equivalent to Alex Rodriguez. An organization that was all about seeking justice from dirty casinos. A group founded for the sole purpose of protecting the industry within which they worked. They had their members’ trust much like A-Rod had the trust of baseball fans.


Then, in the span of a couple of months, both idols fell, and fell hard. A-Rod has been caught with his hand in the steroid cookie jar, and CAP has been exposed for having conflicting agendas. So the question must be asked, which of the two frauds was worse.


To start with one must examine the nature of the crimes committed against a loyal fan base. Rodriguez took steroids at a time when most of the leagues players were experimenting with the performance enhancing substances.


CAP allegedly had an ownership stake in one of the online casinos that affiliates were drilling on CAP’s own message boards. The reason, the card room was not paying their affiliates, a major no-no in the online casino industry. This would have been the equivalent to Alex Rodriguez owning a stake in the Boston Red Sox while playing for the Yankees. Worse crime here goes to CAP, in a no-brainer.


Next would be the apology part of the crimes against their followers. A-Rod came clean to Peter Gammons on Monday morning and admitted what he did was wrong. He explained his reasons …



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Bayern Munich Javi Martinez kembali ke pelatihan- Gelandang Bayern Munich Javi Martinez membuat nya kembali lama ditunggu untuk pelatihan pada hari Rabu setelah delapan bulan karena cedera ligamen lutut robek.

Pemain internasional Spanyol, yang merupakan bagian penting dari 2.013 pihak yang menang Bayern Liga Champions, telah absen sejak Agustus lalu setelah mengalami cedera di lutut kirinya saat Jerman kalah 2-0 di Piala Super Borussia Dortmund.


Martinez, 26, menjalani operasi di Amerika Serikat sebelum memulai proses melelahkan rehabilitasi, yang kini telah berhasil diselesaikan.


“Ini berita besar, saya benar-benar bahagia,” Martinez mengatakan kepada situs resmi klub.


“Ini hanya langkah pertama, saya tahu ada banyak pekerjaan di depan saya dan saya berharap bahwa saya bisa segera mendapatkan beberapa menit waktu pertandingan lagi.”


Martinez berada di tribun untuk menyaksikan Bayern 6-1 menakjubkan dari FC Porto di Selasa malam Liga Champions perempat final, leg kedua.


Lima kali juara Eropa mencetak lima gol dalam pembukaan 40 menit untuk memesan tempat mereka di semi-final untuk musim keempat berturut-turut.


Setelah menang, sebuah Martinez Togel Singapore senang mengakui bahwa ia tersentuh ketika rekan satu timnya termasuk dia dalam perayaan setelah peluit akhir di Munich.


“Mereka bertepuk tangan saya dan saya percaya semua orang senang melihat saya kembali berlatih,” tambahnya.


Dengan tim asuhan Pep Guardiola masih penawaran untuk treble dari Bundesliga, Jerman gelar Piala dan Liga Champions, tidak ada tanggal yang ditetapkan untuk kembali Martinez.


Bayern juga tetap tanpa sayap terluka Franck Ribery dan Arjen Robben serta pembela Medhi Benatia dan David Alaba.


Luis Enrique menargetkan gelar Liga Champions


Manajer Barcelona Luis Enrique menargetkan gelar Liga Champions- Luis Enrique berpikir yang terbaik belum datang dalam karir manajerial di Barcelona meskipun memiliki rekor terbaik dari setiap manajer Barcelona di 50 pertandingan pertama nya.

Barca mencapai kemenangan ketujuh Liga …



The raid on Founder and CEO’s Costa Rican compound Friday night came after much rigorous research by that nation’s authorities which included among other things, reading articles on


At the time of the raid, Ayre was hosting some 100 people while shooting the final episode of a “poker” reality series. is cited in the affidavit that led to Friday evening’s raid on Ayre’s sprawling Santa Ana, Costa Rica, estate.


Authorities also cited “investigating the premise and seeing models, many of them blonde, entering the compound, as well as many persons with American characteristics.”


A drug dog was also brought onto the scene and thought if found something in the maid’s room. What the canine found was the maid’s underwear drawer. So the police went through every piece of underwear, one thong at a time.


Then the dog and trainer joined other officers at the buffet table after finding no drugs in the house.


Three officers stripped down and jumped in the swimming pool in order to explore a man-made cave under a waterfall.


One officer walked into a glass wall three different times.


Upon entering Calvin Ayre’s huge walk-in closet with guns displayed, they confiscated all old schedules related to previous week travel routes of celebrities participating in the poker reality series.


Police inside the compound ordered everyone out while police on the front lawn and street ordered everyone back inside.


“60 to 100 police officers arrived in buses,” Ayre told earlier in the day on Tuesday. “Crime must have been rampant in the rest of the city (of San Jose, Costa Rica) since there were no cops anywhere but my party.”


Some of the officers were overheard in Spanish saying they had …