Another season of baseball’s cross-league mixer has come to an end and I thought it would be interesting to discuss the results from both a statistical and a financial point-of-view.


First, a little background. For roughly a century, the American League and the National League played their regular season games oblivious of each other. The only time teams from the two leagues would see each other in a meaningful game would be during the World Series. But five years ago, baseball decided to add a handful of Interleague games to the schedule each season to help sell tickets.


Purists screamed and argued that the integrity of the game was at stake but I think the numerous work stoppages and outrageous salaries have taken care of that. I agree that interesting geographical World Series match-ups such as St Louis-Kansas City (“I-70 Series” in 1985), Oakland-San Francisco (“Bay Bridge Series” in 1989), or Yankees-Mets (“Subway Series” in 2000) lose some significance because the teams have met but I feel that this pales in comparison to the fact that a fan in Seattle would otherwise never gets to see great players like Bonds or Maddux and the fan in Atlanta wouldn’t get to see A-Rod or Clemens. Another good result is that the World Series should be slightly more competitive as the visiting teams will have a little more practice playing by the other league’s rules come October.


The schedule is still a mess as there are more NL teams, the divisions are different sizes and the league wants to promote geographic rivals every year. However, the concept is good and lots of tickets are being sold so it isn’t going away anytime soon. These games represent roughly 10% of the schedule so as a bettor it is worth your …



Microgaming Company has updated their flash software according to the Firefox playability. The thing is that ActiveX commands previously used by Microgaming could not be launched in a Firefox browser, which was a bit of inconvenience for online casino players. Since this new technology was introduced to players, it has become possible to use Firefox browser for gambling at online casinos.


Being a Firefox user, first of all, you should choose your favorite Microgaming casino and go for instant play. A flash version will be opened in a new window with a notification on the top of the browser. It will ask you to permit the FlashAX Control access.


Another thing you should be sure about is the casino quality. Trustable casinos do allow their clients to install software on their computers straight away. But it’s not always that you will download Togel Hongkong software. Sometimes you want to play some game without bothering yourself with extra downloading. Here goes the flash version. What is the FlashAx Control? Actually it’s a plugin that allows a player to play the flash version.


After having your plugin installed simply restart your Firefox. And now you’re enjoying something you could only dream about several years ago! There is one negative side: mac computer users will not be able to install the plugin on their Firefox browser, since FlashAx Control was designed for the Windows Firefox only.


Online Casino Awards Ceremony is around the corner!


CAP (Casino Affiliate Programs) set to host the second annual ceremony of On-line Casino Awards at the end of this month. The ceremony would be held in London, UK in the Brewery. The Brewery is one of the trendiest and iconic places in London right now. It was chosen as Best Venue …



Rush Poker is not your ordinary online poker room. Developed by Full Tilt Poker, Rush Poker was designed for the most impatient poker players; those who would play the generally recommended tight poker game if only it did not mean waiting out hand after hand of loose players who waste time betting on virtually anything.


We will be offering a few invaluable Rush Poker tips that will help poker players improve their time-based win percentage at this innovative new online poker room.


Tip 1: Time is on Your Side


Rush Poker is so incredibly fast paced because every time a player folds a hand, they are instantly catapulted to a new table where they are dealt a new hand. There is no more waiting for your opponents to complete the previous hand before receiving new cards and getting right back into the action. No longer will you be enticed to play a less than worthy hand simply because you have been waiting so long to receive palpable cards. Conclusion? Keep folding those marginal hands! Time is on your side. You will receive a playable starting hand soon enough!


Tip 2: Play Tight


The first Poker Online strategy we learn is a tight game. This is because it is the best strategy for an inexperienced player who cannot yet read their opponents effectively. Player reads are virtually useless at Rush Poker due to the constant changing of tables, and since the hands evolve exceedingly faster, you will not get bored folding 90% of those hands. Wait for a premium starting hand and make the most of it.


Tip 3: Value Betting


Value betting is extremely important at Rush Poker. Since your opponents cannot get a read on you, there is …

Poker has truly hit Portugal, with the Vilamoura stop of the keluar sgp Poker Tour taking place this week. It was an exciting week for portuguese poker as this tournament is the largest ever to be held within Portugal, and brings with it the promise of more poker events in the future. It was Toby Lewis who, as the tournament came to a close, proved to be the last man standing and walked away with the first place trophy and prize money.
The young British player has had a relatively short poker career, but has already managed to make his mark. Online he goes by the screen name 810ofclubs, but he’s also starting to make a name for himself as a live tournament player, with in the money finishes in the Prague and Monte Carlo EPT events. This is by far the EPT regular’s biggest win, but he shows a lot of promise and we can be sure to see more of him in the future.

The European Poker Tour is a series of televised poker tournaments, which stops in a number of beautiful cities around Europe. This event was held in the beautiful Vilamoura, Portugal, and boasted a record breaking prize pool coming in at just over €1.8 Million, with first place receiving over €450,000 alone. 384 entrants turned up to battle it out on the tables, and the event lasted five days before Lewis emerged victorious.

Coming into the final tables Lewis had the chip lead, but he was very closely followed by fellow British player Sam Trickett. While it proved to be a lucky day for Lewis, the exact opposite was sadly the case for Trickett. His chips seemed to spend more time in the middle of the table than in front of him as he was …

Hell hath no fury like a woman arrested and banned from playing blackjack… Okay, that one didn’t really work. The original is much better. Anyway, a woman in Raleigh County, West Virginia was arrested, along with a togel hongkong hari ini dealer, at the Nitro Casino, part of the Tri-State Racetrack & Gaming Center, and subsequently banned from the casino. Now she is fighting back.

On August 22, 2009, it is alleged that Thuhuong Nguyen cheated at blackjack at the casino with the help of a dealer, Derek Maple. They were both arrested for a racetrack game violation, which is a felony. Nguyen, not surprisingly, claims she’s innocent and is suing basically everybody involved, including the West Virginia Lottery Commission, the State Police, Lottery Commission Director John C. Musgrave, State Police Superintendent T.S. Pack and Timothy Humphrey, a Lottery employee assigned to Tri-State Racetrack.

The whole thing went down in August when State Trooper R.L. Walton Jr., who for some reason was not named in the suit (maybe Nguyen couldn’t remember his name), was called to the casino, where Humphrey told him that a dealer was cheating. After reviewing surveillance videotape, Walton determined that there was sufficient reason to arrest Nguyen and Maple. On August 29, prosecutors dropped the charges against Nguyen, but the Kanawha County Magistrate found probable cause against Maple and the case has been passed on to a grand jury, though he has not yet been indicted.

Nguyen claims that she was playing legally at several tables with different dealers throughout the night. In her lawsuit, he alleges that her arrest was a violation of her First, Fourth and 14th Amendment rights.

Okay, not to take sides, but her lawsuit is insane. Let’s look at it by Amendment. The only part of the First Amendment that I …

Barry Meadow, horse-racing newsletter publisher and sometimes blackjack card counter, finds himself at a point in his life where he can make a sort of blackjack Odyssey, except with Nevada highways and casinos replacing the Mediterranean Sea. Given this opportunity, he decides to embark on an eight week quest to play blackjack in every casino, hotel, bar, and outhouse in the entire state of Nevada that offers it. His chronicle of this adventure is titled Blackjack Autumn.

Much like Stuart Perry’s Las Vegas Blackjack Diary, this book is written as a narrative of the author’s experiences counting cards and playing blackjack over an extended period of time. As with Perry’s work, we hear about the ups and downs, the wins and losses, the good and bad experiences, and the loneliness of being alone in a wilderness of green felt.

Of course, there are some significant differences. Perry is trying hard to obtain the maximum edge that he can, he plays at only those casinos that he has previously scouted to have the best games, and he maximizes the amount of time he devotes to his temporary vocation. His narrative emphasizes the mathematics and detail of the game itself. Meadow seems much more interested in the novelty of the experience. Unlike Perry, he doesn’t bother to scout games, and, in fact, he knows he’ll be going to a lot of places with very bad games. Further, he’ll be spending more time driving than gambling during his trip. We hear more about the time Meadow spends away from the table.

I’m not sure precisely what it is, but for some reason I got more emotionally involved in Perry’s ups and downs than I did with Meadow’s. I suppose part of the reason for this is that Perry suffered some more protracted downswings …

Baccarat adalah permainan elegan yang dimainkan di bagian kasino berbatas tinggi. Meja bakarat seukuran meja dadu dan dapat menampung 12 hingga 14 pemain. Fitur unik dari bakarat adalah para pemain bergiliran membagikan kartu. Hak istimewa bakarat lainnya adalah hak untuk memotong kartu, sepatu baru dibagikan setiap saat. Permainan ini sepenuhnya keberuntungan dan mirip dengan bertaruh pada lemparan koin. Di Las Vegas, minimum untuk bermain bakarat biasanya berkisar antara $100 hingga $1000. Minimum tidak setinggi di Atlantic City, mulai dari $25. (Catatan Editor: Sebagian besar kasino online memiliki minimal $10, berbeda dengan $1 atau $2 untuk permainan meja lainnya seperti blackjack)


Baccarat dimainkan dengan delapan deck kartu. Setiap kartu bernomor kurang dari sepuluh bernilai nilai nominalnya, kartu As bernilai 1, dan puluhan serta kartu wajah bernilai 0. Setelan tidak masalah.

Permainan dimulai dengan semua pemain bertaruh baik pada ‘pemain’, ‘bankir’ atau seri. Saya menempatkan pemain dan bankir dalam tanda kutip karena itu adalah terminologi yang benar tetapi mereka tidak selalu mewakili dealer atau pemain yang sebenarnya.

Setelah semua taruhan turun, dealer memberikan masing-masing dua kartu kepada pemain dan bankir. Skor tangan adalah digit kanan dari total kartu. Misalnya Togel SGP jika dua kartu adalah 8 dan 7, maka totalnya adalah 15, dan skornya adalah 5. Skor akan selalu berkisar dari 0 hingga 9 dan tidak mungkin gagal.

Kartu ketiga mungkin atau mungkin tidak dibagikan ke salah satu atau keduanya pemain dan dealer tergantung pada aturan berikut.

Jika salah satu pemain atau bankir memiliki total 8 atau 9, keduanya berdiri. Aturan ini mengesampingkan semua aturan lainnya.

Jika total pemain adalah 5 atau kurang maka pemain memukul, jika tidak pemain berdiri.

Jika pemain berdiri, maka bankir memukul total 5 atau kurang. Jika pemain melakukan pukulan maka gunakan grafik berikut untuk menentukan apakah bankir memukul (H) atau berdiri (S).


Kartu Ketiga Pemain …

The Total Translations Company was started in London in 1992 by our Managing Director Peter Brabazon, who has over 15 years experience as a translation industry professional.
Since then we’ve grown to become a truly international operation employing 16 dedicated people across our 4 offices – situated just outside London (Hertford), New York, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

We have 5 highly experienced multilingual Project Managers and a dedicated Resources Manager controlling over 2,500 specialist, localised translators.

We’re proud to say there isn’t a language or subject matter we can’t successfully handle.

As such our clients include companies doing business in international markets from a wide variety of different industries – engineering, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, PR, insurance, legal and banking, to name but a few.

They come to us because they know we offer the best range of translation services available anywhere in the world under one roof.

They also trust our commitment to quality control because our systems and procedures ensure their messages are delivered correctly and understood clearly in whatever language they require.

If you would like more detailed background information about the translation industry in general, please Bubbles Translation us to send you a free copy of our booklet “An Essential Guide to the Translation Industry” which you may find helpful.


We offer probably the most complete range of Translation Company UK language services available anywhere in the world. We can translate anything from complex technical manuals, legal documents and company brochures to website texts, advertising strap lines, direct mail materials, press releases and much more.

Quality Control

In our business, perfection is the only option. So we operate a strict quality control policy with thorough checking systems in place from the very beginning of each project we undertake to ensure our clients’ messages are delivered correctly and …

The former chairman of the House Banking Committee reintroduced a bill this week to ban the use of checks, credit cards and wire transfers to pay for Internet gambling.

The bill by Rep. Jim Leach, R-Iowa, could be the vehicle Congress chooses to control Internet gambling, an industry with revenues that the Wall Street investment banking firm of Bear, Stearns & Co., projects will climb from $1.48 billion last year to $6 billion by 2003.

Leach’s decision to resurrect the bill Monday came as a surprise to the casino industry and lawmakers who co-sponsored the measure last year.

So far, this year’s bill does not include any co-sponsors. The casino industry, which backed Leach’s proposal last year, says it needs to review it before taking a position.

“He tried to keep this bill moving as chairman and obviously, he wants to pursue it,” said Bill Tate, Leach’s chief of staff. “Whether it becomes the vehicle for Internet gambling is probably more for the new leadership of the committee to determine.”

Leach’s bill passed the House Banking Committee by voice vote last June, but did not come up for a final vote on the House floor.

Leach remains on the panel, now known as the House Financial Services Committee. Republican term limits forced him to surrender his chairmanship to Rep. Michael Oxley, R-Ohio. Leach is now vice chairman of the panel’s subcommittee on domestic monetary policy.

The credit card ban proposed by Leach is considered by some analysts to be more practical than a bill by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., which would prohibit Internet gambling altogether.

Others say Leach’s bill contains the enforcement mechanism that could make an Internet gambling ban work. There was talk last year of merging the two bills but it never happened.

Goodlatte spokeswoman Michelle Semones said …

Bitcoin is currently going through a purple patch. After hitting an all-time high in March, BTC surged even higher in May. This is a great bullish run for the cryptocurrency, which looks set to earn more exposure, as well as an expanded user base, as a result. Media outlets around the world are chiming in on the new Bitcoin price, which is currently trading over $1,500. As more people become aware of Bitcoin’s lucrative nature, investors pile in more money. Late adopters are known to greatly inflate prices, allowing early investors to ride the bullish wave. But what about if you’re new to Bitcoin and you’re not yet ready to dive into making trades? A quick and easy way to acquire some free Bitcoins is by using Bitcoin faucets, a rewards system that pays out a small fraction of Bitcoin when users complete a simple task.


These tasks can be anything from solving simple captchas to playing very basic casino games. While Bitcoin faucets aren’t likely to make you a fortune, they are a viable way to earn a small amount of cryptocurrency with relatively low risk. For instance, many faucets don’t pay out more than 1,000 Satoshi at a time, which is around 1 cent. Bitcoin faucets are primarily designed to get people onto specific websites which usually make money through ad revenue. Generally, the higher the amount of traffic a website has, the more ad revenue it can make. This creates a situation where the Bitcoin faucet owner and the faucet participant benefit – the latter get free Satoshi paid into their Bitcoin wallet. There are a few different types of Bitcoin faucet. Some only require a participant to log onto a website to claim a reward, while others involve very simple games being played before a …

The 2002 Casino & Gaming Market Research Handbook


The 2002 Casino & Gaming Market Research Handbook is recognized as “the most comprehensive resource for gaming business market data available from any source.” The handbook contains original market research ideas specifically aimed at providing you with the early-identification of trends that will guide market growth within a five-year timeframe. (This report was formerly published by Richard K. Miller & pinup online Associates, Inc., written by Terri C. W alker.)


The handbook is designed to be a “strategic business planning resource” for executives in all segments of the casino and gaming business. There are numerous ways this handbook will benefit your company from market development strategies to competitor analysis from consumer trends to providing independent market data to support your business plan. This is an easy and inexpensive way to fill any gaps in your company’s market research. And, we believe you will find it to be enjoyable reading!


The handbook provides current market statistics; trends; analysis of impacts; ideas and case studies to guide strategic planning and development of new market opportunities; profiles of leading gaming corporations; forecasts and views on how the Dominoqq market will evolve within a five-year timeframe. The report is designed to provide an expanded understanding of gaming markets. An analysis pin up is provided, including current and expected market opportunities, for the major industry sectors. Statewide market data is presented, along with discussions relating to activities and opportunities in each of the 50 states. The report provides a mostbet profile analysis of over 90 key players, and a future market outlook.


The report will present data to support the strategic business plan of your organization, ideas to expand current business activities, and background to plan for the future as the U.S. gaming …, the world’s fastest growing online poker room, today began the semi-final rounds of the Million(TM) Tournament ( 2,504 semi-finalists from around the globe will compete to win one of the 100, all expense paid, finalist spots onboard the Million cruise this March. Finalists will play in the live tournament in an attempt to win the guaranteed first prize of $1,000,000 — the largest ever in online poker history.


2,504 Players to Compete for $1,000,000 First Prize;


The Largest Ever in Online Poker History, the world’s fastest growing online poker room, today began the semi-final rounds of the Million(TM) Tournament ( 2,504 semi-finalists from around the globe will compete to win one of the 100, all expense paid, finalist spots onboard the Million cruise this March. Finalists will play in the live Ligaz11 tournament in an attempt to win the guaranteed first prize of $1,000,000 — the largest ever in online poker history. The online semi-finals begin today and run through Monday, February 4, at which time the 100 finalists will be announced.


The Million finals will take place from March 10-17, 2002. The 100 online qualifying finalists will join many of the world’s top poker players, as well as other paid entrants, on a Mexican Riviera cruise aboard a Carnival cruise ship to play for the $1,000,000 guaranteed first prize. World-renowned poker champion and founder of the Tournament of Champions, Mike Sexton, will host the weeklong tournament.


“The Million is the greatest value in poker history,” said Mike Sexton. “This is the first time a tournament will combine online and live table poker to give recreational poker players the opportunity to compete for one of the largest prize pools ever assembled for a poker tournament. The …

This is a satirical essay concerning a few things that an educated, enlightened, winning gambler must face in his gambling career.

It’s kinda bitter.

Bitter, party of one, your table’s ready!

And it’s kinda moronic too.

And it does shed some light on this highly important subject.

I am Dave in Cali. I am a scientist. I have edumacation in mathematics, statistics, logic, and a variety of other brainiac kinda topics too. I study the game of poker. I aspire to be the best player I can be, and to win money while doing it. I understand how gambling works. I know about things like the standard deviation. Expectation. Expected value. Fluctuations. And the nature of randomness and “luck.” I have read many books. I have studied the best texts on the game of poker. I “know” the facts. I “know” about the true nature of gambling. I choose my actions based on what I know about gambling, poker, odds, randomness, luck, etc. There are a few individuals who know me that can verify that I “know” all these things. A very small few indeed. The rest of the world doesn’t have a clue. And they don’t want one either..

So what do you do when you “know” what I know? Well, obviously, you play poker. And win money. And feel smug when you do. You use all these facts that you “know” to win at gambling. And depending on your bankroll, discipline, and personal desire, you can potentially make a lot of money because of what you “know.” But WHY does this knowledge of yours allow you to win at gambling? Well, against most gambling games, you “know” that you simply can’t beat them, so you don’t play them. One of the reasons I have become a winning player …