Today we will talk about “The secret art of raising”. Most people think that you only raise when you have a good hand and you want to win more money. This is correct but there are many other reasons to raise and to be a winning player you need to know what you want to get from a raise and if it is working.



There are 5 major reasons to raise Cheri Casino:



  1. To get more money from your hand.
  2. To eliminate players.
  3. To get a “Free” card.
  4. To gain information.
  5. To bluff or semi-bluff



  1. To get more money from your hand. This is the simplest reason to raise a pot. Basically when you feel that you have the best had you are going to raise to try to get more money in the pot. If you have the “Nuts”, the best hand possible at the time this is the only reason you should raise. Sometimes you may not want to raise in this case. You may want to slow play the hand.



  1. To eliminate players. This is a pretty simple concept as well. This is the reason you raise with AA or KK. You want to get people out before they can see the flop. AA and KK do very well against a few people but against a lot of people there’s a good chance you will loose after all 5 cards come out. Another time when you might raise to eliminate players is when you flop top pair, example: You hold AK and the flop comes 9 10 K, You now have top pair with the best kicker. Here you would want to get people out of the hand so they don’t make 2 pair, a