As we approach the end of the first week of March there has been no significant tournament action in the UK or Ireland to report on. But that’s about to change.


The big event for March is the eagerly anticipated British Open at the Vic in London, which will run from March 10th to the 16th. Most of the top UK and Irish players will attend and we expect healthy numbers of foreign players to also compete.


Napoleons Casino in Sheffield will host their March Festival from the 26th to the 28th and will feature 3 tournaments. Full details are also on our website.


We will of course bring you all the results here at PokerPages. The other big event is, of course, the hugely popular Poker Million 2003. Although it is an invite only event, it has generated great interest due to the fact that Sky Sports have been televising the six heats leading up to the final, which will be broadcast live on March 14th at 8:00pm on Sky Sports 1. Since our last newsletter heat 5 of 6 was televised with the last heat being televised on Friday 7th March at 10:00pm on Sky Sports 1 (with a repeat at 00:30am, and again on Sky Sports Extra at 06:30am on Saturday 8th). So I’ll take this opportunity to recap on events to date and give you the results of heat 5.


Poker Million 2003 Update


Already qualified from the first 4 heats are:


Heat 1 – Steve Davis (the professional snooker and pool player)

Heat 2 – Tony Bloom (who finished 4th in the inaugural Poker Million tournament)

Heat 3 – Bruce Atkinson (the colourful Elvis impersonator who is no slouch at poker)

Heat 4 – Guy Bowles (the …