If you use poker software that highlights your opponents, you also understand that the icons are used to graphically determine your opponent’s playing style.


The opponent’s style can be very broad, from overly militant to extremely narrow.


Usually, when you find a player with a free and / or aggressive character, an icon will be delegated, which may not be so extra. The icon may be an image of a bone, a duck, a monkey, or something in this range. When such a profile is indicated, there is something harmful in your statistics. They can call a lot, bet too often or just play too much. Now you don’t necessarily want to be attacked with one of these icons, especially in the long run, however, when your opponents have this profile, this does not necessarily mean that they have problems.




This may just be misunderstood, because players with stupid profiles are usually the players you want to play against and isolate them with your good cards. However, the problem with these players is that some of them specifically play this way and set their opponents on a huge boat, where they are definitely a big favorite. Players often look at the statistics of these players, check and check their profile, watching how their stack has changed. In other words, if they have a badge and a w88 player profile, but their stack at the table has increased, the initial impression is with them, not with the minor player. In fact, he would have considered them a particularly dangerous adversary until proven otherwise.


Remember that if someone at your table wins all the time, especially in poker Indonesia games with unlimited cash hold’em, it would be wise to know exactly how they win. …